If I Were Spirit

“There are simple and good and straightforward and well-behaved people,

I’m sure. But this is not...about them.”

― Eloghosa Osunde, Vagabonds!

I suppose that if I were spirit,

I would rise above the communal and earthly pressure to conform.

I suppose if I were spirit,

I would exist freely across realms, morphing to my satisfaction.

I would play and dine with my otherworldly counterparts without worrying about being out of place because there is no one place.

We are punished for non-conformity, for ‘ruining aesthetics’ as they say. Aesthetics that will rather have me silenced, hidden, dead.

I suppose if I were spirit,

I would not be bent and broken to fit their poorly constructed mold. 

Fluid, I seep through the cracks refusing to be as they please, because what pleases them erases me.

So I am spirit but far from invisible.

- d.a.

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