Daniella Almona (B.F.A., Fine Art Photography, minor Advertising Art Direction, 2022) is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. She has lived between South Africa and Georgia, USA. She has spent the past five years capturing portraits and fashion stills from different cultures and backgrounds. Her desire to connect her thoughts to her physical space as well as a need to tell stories continue to inspire her work. She has been featured in the SCAD Connector magazine, SCAD Open Studio Fall 2020 exhibition, and won the award for Best Photo Essay by the Georgia College Press Awards (2020). She has also worked with VSCO, SCAN Magazine, and Kube Gallery.


Embedded in every pixel is a reflection of my intrinsic appreciation for color, my dire need to tell a story, and a fundamental sense of self, all of which are seen in my body of work. Every project I embark on is a direct response to the need to do something new, step out of my comfort zone, and connect my inner thoughts to any physical space I find myself in.

The forms of photography I have come to appreciate are portraiture and fashion. Using the faces and bodies of my subjects, coupled with contrasting or complementing elements, I highlight the beauty in raw emotion. The decision to fill up the frame with pure facial expressions creates space to interact with the subject on an intimate level. This mode of self-expression and connection isn't just at face value but in what laces their skin. 


I explore similar ideas of storytelling and fashion through graphic design, illustration, and printmaking. My graphic design skills have helped me find room in the advertising and editorial industry. To keep me grounded in the digital space, my printmaking and crafting skills provide a hands-on intimacy with my creativity. 

Through these media, I can and have become a citizen of a place much larger than I am— the art world— a place where I have found the courage to disturb my comfort and comfort my disturbances.

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